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Pruimboom Institute Clinic

The key to unlock all your genetic possibilities and recover your health.

You will be guided by clinical psychoneuroimmunologists, in your journey to the recovery of your health, all educated by the world known educational center Pruimboom Institute. You, as a patient, know that everything is connected and therefore your health needs can only be fulfilled by health professionals with more than complete knowledge about the connection between organs, tissues, and human beings.

From nature to culture back to a little bit of Nature


    What is Pruimboom Institute Clinic?

    Is your malady curable? Life is the ultimate cause of any chronic disease.

    There are 15 domains that are changeable: from sleep, via spirituality up to nutrition and drinking habits and 11 more.

    The popular opinion about their malady is that curing time is proportionally the same as the disease period. Nothing is less true; although we don’t believe in miracles, we do know that big things can happen.
    Your program is as unique as you are; that’s why all interventions we offer are not only adapted to your needs. They cover much more than this; they are only yours.

    What is the process of our Pruimboom Institute Clinic?

    • Pre-consultation

      In this pre-consult we will determine your actual needs and health state. We will than advice about the following steps in your journey to recover your health and wellness. This pre-consult has a cost of €75 and is refundable (see step 2)

    • Option 1: Consult of two hours and start the year program

      Option 2: Reboot your health and start the year program with a week in which you orchestrate your genetics and the way they function “epigenetics” in relationship with your daily life

    Your program is here; but we can’t tell you which one.
    The one you need will be based on all the data that we will rescue from your life history.

    After the mandatory pre-consultation, you will be advised to participate in Program A or B, or both.

    • PI “deserve your health” week

      During one week, you will engage in an unique program based on 15 different domains, and with the sole purpose is to recover your metabolic, mental, neurological, hormonal and immunological flexibility.

    • PI Clinic one year plan

      After one week of realignment of your genetic upmake and the environment you start a lifelong changing program to recover your health and also develop a high level of wellness.

    • Closure

      Program closure and follow up conversation with Itziar Hernandez and Dr. Leo Pruimboom online during 30 minutes. Here we will advice how to continue your life as a client. There is also the possibility to add another year program if and when that we would be necessary or wanted.

    • After finalizing your program you have the possibility to become a member of our PI clinic community. Here you will have access to all the new master classes, publications, and whatever information we share we all patients lifelong.

    Location & Accomondation

    DatesNovember 18-24
    Language – ENGLISH

    Our program

    • Daily in-person classes

    • Nutrition program for the week: Nutrition as Medicine

    • 1.5-hour PNI session with Dr. Leo Pruimboom / Itziar Hernandez

    • Tests and tools for measuring metabolic health, sleep, lifestyle, hormesis, individualization, and personalization of strategies. Monitoring.

    • Adapted Intermittent Living Health program

    • Therapeutic sessions with specialists in multiple areas: dentistry, psychological health, physical health, massage.

    • Daily yoga and breathing exercises

    • Experiences: trekking, horseback riding in nature

    The program includes

    Accommodation for 6 nights, all-inclusive


    “The popular opinion about their malady is that curing time is proportionally the same as the disease period. Nothing is less true; although we don’t believe in miracles, we do know that big things can happen.”

    Leo Pruimboom – Director of the Pruimboom Institute

    Our experts

    During the Health Reset Week, experts and professionals from each sector will accompany you to provide the best experience.


    We can only offer the right program when we know you in advance. After that moment of knowing each other, we will create your program. . . or not. The latter is because we do not sell fairy tales; we offer only those things that work. If we can’t find a suitable program for YOU, we will obviously let you know.