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95% of diseases that affect the world’s population are due to the ultimate conflict that we, as humans, face on a daily basis — our brain copes relatively well with modern life while our body systems struggle profoundly. Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (KPNI) is the interdisciplinary medical field that successfully addresses this conflict.

Comprehensive patient care

Our modern lifestyle is filled with environmental stressors to which we are not adapted. Exposure to air pollution, poor diet and sedentarism cause low-grade inflammation of the immune system — a state that is linked to diabetes, obesity, cancer, and more.

These chronic health conditions have placed a great strain on our healthcare systems. Currently, health professionals examine patients through the lens of their own specialty. But if we want to do more than just combat symptoms, we need to combine knowledge and skills from many disciplines.

That is exactly what KPNI courses and webinars aim to do.

Academic offerings

Our courses are developed by recognized KPNI researchers, all of whom also work as clinicians/therapists.

This infrastructure ensures that the training courses are scientifically robust and, at the same time, prepare you for the practical application of what you have learned.

We operate across several different countries and continents. This allows us to continually learn on a cultural and social level. We integrate this new knowledge into our curriculum as frequently as we can, so that we are constantly bringing you the most relevant content.

Take your healthcare practice to the next level.

Introduction course